The sun is shining in the Northwoods, a bit crisp at 16 degrees but we’ll take any Vitamin D (and blue sky) we can get.  Town is fairly quiet today, although the upcoming 3-day weekend means we’ll likely see some extra visitors.  Per the usual this winter we could sure use some fresh snow.  It seems we have been on a playlist of Snow, Melt, Freeze, and Repeat since winter began; and according to the forecast we will be stuck in Freezing for the next few days.  At least the cold temperatures are good for ice fishing and hanging onto the snow we already have.

Stop at the sno-bunnies party!

Surprisingly, I haven’t heard many negative reports on snowmobile trail conditions, a testament to how hard our local clubs have been working.  If you’re up in our neck of the woods this weekend, stop by Pipke Park for the Sno-Bunnies Annual Trailside Party Saturday from 11am until 4pm.  Free food and refreshments will be available; as well as raffles, gear sales, and Groomer rides around the ponds for the kids.  Pipke Park, is located right off of Trail 6 in Presque Isle – drive in, walk or ride!

It has been great to see Pipke Park getting more use lately.  The floodlights over the skating pond have been an awesome addition this winter (THANK YOU LIONES CLUB!) and for anyone who cares to use it, the warming hut is always open and has bathroom facilities as well.  The switch for the rink light is right on the post and has a motion sensor shut-off.  Pick-up hockey games have been held every Wednesday night too, for the more mature skater looking to relive their glory days.

This time of year, one must be prepared for serious ‘wintering’, when the holidays have come and gone but the cold season is long from loosening its grip.  Close attention is paid to the wood pile to gauge against last year’s usage, or maybe we start wondering how many snowplows are left in our service contract (not many this year but we have a ways to go!)  Staying warm is important, but at some point the concern over staying mentally stable may also start to creep in.  My advice for battling cabin fever?  Get outside when the sun is shining, or at least when your face isn’t in danger of freezing.  Make winter plans and excepting dangerous conditions, follow through with them.

But when three inches of ice covering everything in sight does keep you from leaving home sweet home, appreciate it.  What used to be punishments for me as a child – Go to bed early!  Don’t leave the house! You can’t go to that party! – have somehow become my rewards as an adult.  I strive to be a hearty Northwoods girl, but inclement weather has become synonymous with wi-fi, soup making, monopoly marathons, and maybe a brave hike across the lake when the wind dies down.  Bottom line?  Bring it on Old Man, as long as there is wood in the pile, I will never mind wintering from Almost An Island.

Little Horsehead Lake