Greetings from the Northwoods!  We woke up to four to five inches of fresh snow here this morning, and about two more inches of ice on top of that.  Since I wasn’t on floor time today I decided to work from home for awhile and not risk the nasty roads.  Flexibility is just one of the many reasons I love my job, real estate has turned out to be such a blessing for this working momma.  Of course, my babies are older now but some things never change, namely worrying.  I was relieved that Aidan’s classes at Nicolet haven’t resumed yet so he didn’t have to drive either (commence the gaming marathon), Estelle is visiting friends in Madison, and Mark had the day off.

So with everyone safe and sound and a few free hours to spare, I decided to face the task of taking down the Christmas tree, which sort of matched the gray and icy day.  I’ve been putting off this chore for the obvious reason that it’s a pain in the butt, but truth be told we had such a beauty of a Christmas tree this year it was hard to part with – a ten foot Douglas fir that just reached the ceiling and rarely dropped a needle.  We also sprung for new white lights that twinkled off and on, and along with my beloved collection of ornaments the whole effect was magical.  I’ve packed the lights away with ultimate care, and Ace Hardware will be on my naughty list if 11 months from now if I’m left disappointed at the outlet.

You’re the new coach?! Um, okay.

My house has that clean and spacious feeling now, devoid of season.  It’s a bit of a jolt but I keep reminding myself that one must always continue to make space in which to welcome the new.  After all, even the Green Bay Packers had to clean a little house this year, and with that an enthusiastic welcome to our newly minted head coach Matt LaFleur, who I daresay is a lot easier on the eyes than Mike McCarthy!  Not that it matters when it comes to play calling but, there it is.  And while the Packers work on their offseason?  More snow and ice will fly across the northwoods, spring will (eventually) arrive, and before you know it I’ll be writing about dragging the swimming raft in instead of taking the Christmas tree down.

Speaking of new beginnings, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s showings.  I’ve not met the buyers in person but after exchanging emails and phone calls, I  learned they’ve been coming to the Presque Isle area for many years and love it here.  What is more, as snowmobilers they spent a lot of time at Skyview Lodge, which my family owned for over 30 years…odds are I’ve served them a fish fry or two in my younger years.  We’re looking at property on the lake where I grew up, happily there will be no need for a navigation system and I can relax and rattle off answers to just about anything they might ask.  Best of all our commonality means that we can all relax, share stories, and focus on finding the best property for their needs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we always had ‘something in common’ to begin with when meeting new people?  It would make life so much easier as we all struggle to get along nowadays, amidst all of the newness that is bound to come our way at some point or another.  All of this change can be a little jarring, like the empty spot where my tree used to be, but how does anyone grow without change?  Perhaps by sweeping at least a few of our old habits to the side, we can make some room for a little newness (and growth) of our own in the coming year.  I’m of the age to find that idea refreshing, and am looking forward to sharing both the new and old with you in the coming year, from Almost an Island.