Gassing up for a day of fun!

It’s a sunny, 12-degree Saturday afternoon here at Headwaters Real Estate, where I have an excellent view of the snowmobilers pulling in to gas up at Karsyn’s Korner before they head out for a day of riding.  Our trail system finally opened at 9am today, with both groomers out late last night to prepare for this morning’s riders.  Reports are that some of the swamps are still soft in places as well as one detour so exercise caution, but overall they are setting nicely thanks to some cold temps.  The frizzle finally turned to a good dumping of snow here in Presque Isle and despite a few thin spots in the woods, conditions are better than expected with more snow to arrive Tuesday.  As long as that trend continues the trails will be groomed seven days a week.  A huge shout-out to the Sno-Bunnies Snowmobile Club, thanks to their hard-working members we have some of the best trails in the Northwoods!

Making trails on Wildcat Lake

If snowmobiling is your thing, we just had a price reduction on this 3BR, 2BA year-round home on Wildcat Lake, with fantastic access to the trails.  There is a large attached garage, with an extra deep storage stall as well as a heated workroom.  A spacious family room in the lower level means everyone is invited – plenty of room for guests!  As a snowmobiler I would love this location, easy access east to Land o’ Lakes and the Cisco Chain, west to Presque Isle and Mercer or north into the million acre Ottawa National Forest.  I was known as a ‘tundra girl’ in Minocqua where I went to high school, but I’m pretty thankful for our snowbelt location, and the lake effect snow it brings from Superior.  Just a few minutes north of Boulder Junction, the home has a southwest exposure with island views, and is lovely in any season.

It’s so nice to be writing about something pleasant this Saturday afternoon, and finally done with the year-end financials in time to get everything settled at the office.  It took me the better part of this week with the great help of my mother Peggy, who has a much better nose for that sort of stuff.  I have a degree in English Literature with an emphasis in creative writing, which weirdly does not seem to come in handy when filing taxes.   In the real estate field, when asked for a quick amortization schedule off the top of my head or manual calculation of square footage, my common response is “I’m sorry, but I was told there’d be no math”.

However, with each passing year of this annual mother/daughter tax ritual, my mom stresses that year-end financial planning is actually quite stimulating once you get the taste for it, and she isn’t going to be around to do my taxes forever.  Both are concepts I have a hard time with, by the way.  But the spirit of the New Year is upon me, and as I’ve been reflecting on how best to improve upon last year’s version of myself in 2019, what better time for the Presque Isle Community Library to offer free online classes?  In addition to the beginner’s financial planning course I am signing up for, they also offer a wealth of other subjects including grant writing, computer applications, health care classes, and even foreign language courses.  Wouldn’t it be great to speak another language?  I’m going to learn to talk accounting.  My mom will be so proud, and maybe next year’s tax prep won’t take an entire week.

Denny McGann: Champagne at 5:45pm anyone?

So now not only do I have my resolution set, but I also have the BEST PLANS EVER for New Year’s Eve.  My grade school chum Terri (also a die-hard Tundra girl) and I stumbled upon this tradition last year, and it was so awesomely brilliant that we instantly deemed it, well, a tradition!  Do you hate crowds but love hugs?  Do you want to toast the New Year with a hoop and holler but by midnight you’re usually a pile or a puddle?  Would you like to start 2019 bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of in a champagne fog?  Welp, believe it or not the answer is celebrate with the Irish at McGann’s Irish Pub in Boulder Junction.  Terri and I like to meet around 4pm (the time all moms feel like going wild) on New Years Eve Day to get started with a little libation and reflection.  Sounds a little early for pre-game, right?  Wrong.  By 5:30 pm the place is a rocking, and at 6pm – boom – it’s midnight in Ireland and Denny and Ellen are passing the bubbly!  I’ll hoot, hug, kiss, and by 7pm Terri and I will both be home safe and sound.  With any luck the hubs will have the fireplace roaring, and maybe a special treat for dinner.  Now that is a win.
Until next year, friends…Happy Trails from us on Almost Island, where life is good.

The sun sets on another day in the Northwoods