I know, I know, it’s been weeks since I’ve posted. Life has been incredibly busy up north, especially if I’m going to even attempt a few hours AWAY from the office. All I can offer you by way of apology is a steady stream of scenes from the north I’ve been stockpiling, starting with photos from the Annual Vintage Cottage Walk, hosted by the Presque Isle Heritage Society. This year was a tour of Crab Lake, beginning with the MacLean cottages, Bill Judd’s Crab Bay Camp, and Norway Point, one of the first residences on Crab Lake built by the Schroeder family, now known as the Chron-Martin property. Crab is one of the most beautiful lakes to be seen anywhere, and what a treat to tour some of these old residences! All are scene from Crab Lake, including the awesome two-story tree-house on the MacLean property, nestled among 200+ year old hemlocks. Now THAT is what I call location, location, location!