It’s been another busy week in the northwoods, one of those hectic stretches of time where you look at your calendar and think, I just need to make it to such-and-such day.  Once again I didn’t have a lot of time to brew my blog post, instead I trusted that with a week like this, something momentous would happen.  And if not, I could always dig into my stash of napkin scribbles of “to be written” titles.  For example: The Walk of Shame from Almost an Island, where I spend a Sunday morning traversing the PI Pub parking lot in my pajamas, looking for my cell phone before the town plow guys arrive.

Thankfully a momentous occasion did get me thinking, and I can save the Walk of Shame story for another time.  Although why inspiration struck on the busiest morning of the week I’m not sure, as today is closing day for one of my largest deals.  People commonly ask if this is a quiet time in real estate and it is as far as new buyers are concerned, but there are usually a burst of closings before years end, as fall buyers wrap up their contingencies in time to enjoy Christmas in the northwoods.

Today’s closing is the culmination of a lot of hard work, an almost year-long search throughout some of the most beautiful homes and settings the northwoods has to offer.  An old estate on Big Arbor Vitae Lake, a manicured Trout Lake home, and an Adirondack-style getaway on Presque Isle Lake, to name a few.  Some too big, some too small, but one that was ‘just right’ in a quiet bay of the Manitowish Chain, a beauty at the end of a winding drive through towering pine trees.  I am an absolute sucker for a scenic drive through the woods, you could put an outhouse at the end of one and I would still be charmed.  Of course this wasn’t an outhouse, it was a lovely timber frame home with a kitchen to die for, and I credit my buyers for having the patience to stick with me until we found what was perfect for them.

So it’s an exciting day, and believe me or don’t, but the commission check I will receive is the least of it.  If anything large checks make me nervous, like what I am I supposed to do with this?  Should I put a new metal roof on the office so I never have to shovel again?  Try doubling my money in the stock market?  Blow it all on shoes?  (The correct answer is pay your taxes, BTW.)  No, I’d say the best part of my job really is helping people find their place in the place I love so much.  And it’s always momentous, whether it’s a log home on the chain or an actual outhouse at the end of a wooded drive.  The decision to set roots in the northwoods is about much more than ‘buying a house’, in fact the house is usually the least of it.  It’s about committing to a lifestyle, and making an investment in your time and your family’s time against the pressures of work/sports/school.  It’s about carving out a place of solitude in an increasingly busy world.

And yes, truth be told it’s also about property taxes and filling propane tanks and finding a good plow guy…just in case you think I am making a sales pitch, lol, because these exciting details also constitute life in the northwoods, as well as constituting a major part of my job.  And lest you think my ‘big deal’ makes me feel like a big deal, I’ll tell you that this afternoon at Headwaters Real Estate will be spent with my finishing the last four hours of my continuing education – due tomorrow of course – and setting up three crock pots at the office to cook the 60 bratwurst I volunteered to bring for tonight’s Olde Town Christmas party.  Ahh yes, the glamorous life of a high-powered real estate broker…

It really will be nice to have a stretch of quiet today, although you never know what any given afternoon will bring in this business, or when the next big deal will walk in the door while the crock pots are on full blast.  They say if you want to sell a house you should bake cookies just before your showing, but I’m thinking I can do better with Miller High Life, raw onion, and Johnsonville Brats…good luck resisting THAT intoxicating combination, prospective buyers!  Until next time I wish you all good moments, big and small, from Almost an Island.