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Advent from Almost an Island

Advent is defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing or event; derivative of the Latin word for ‘coming’.  No matter what time of year, one is always experiencing the advent of something in the northwoods: the first call of the loon heralding spring, the surprise of the first orange leaf appearing in the…

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Hunting and Gathering from Almost an Island

True Confession.  I started writing this blog post days ago, abandoning it several times.  It started with the vague idea that I describe the art of acquiring groceries, which to be fair is one of the most common questions asked while showing property.  As potential buyers gaze upon the lakes and forests, at some point…

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From Almost An Island

What a difference a day makes (or every day makes) when you are watching the next season roll in to the Northwoods of Wisconsin!  Asking people ‘can you believe this weather!?’ is a common expression here, but one that kind of makes you sound like a newbie, so I’ll just point out that last weekend…

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