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The Changing Scenery from Almost an Island

April 11, 2019

True confession – I’ve been itching to write this blog!  I love to bring everyone up to date on the happenings Up North, it’s finding the time I’ve been struggling with.  But I’m the floor time agent on duty today, and as of 10:17am my to-do list is done and I have the rest of…

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Life’s a Beach on Almost an Island

March 22, 2019

Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where I’ve already had several melt-downs waiting for the slightest hint of warm weather to arrive, and by warm, I mean anything in the double digits.  The sun was out in full force yesterday however, and a different sort of melt-down occurred with a new office swimming pool where…

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Winter’s Grip from Almost an Island

March 8, 2019

It can’t always be Good News from the Northwoods, to be honest most of us feel like this guy, wanting to stick our heads in a snowbank and wait until it’s over.  We’ve been absolutely pummeled with winter the past 30 days, and as I type this on an albeit sunny March morning there is…

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